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Mike Spierer is Founder and Executive Producer at ThinkHouse Media, a Los Angeles based multi-platform production company. He also forms strategic partnerships with other production companies and independent producers to develop compelling content on a project by project basis.

Prior to launching ThinkHouse Media in 2013, Spierer was an accomplished programming executive, specializing in reality television production with special attention to and deep-rooted knowledge of music and pop culture.  As Vice President of Programming & Acquisitions at Playboy Entertainment, Spierer managed the Program Planning, Development, On-Air Promotions, Radio (Sirius XM), Acquisitions, and VOD departments. Additionally he oversaw creative and branding on multiple national campaigns, 8 new network launches/rebrands, and served as Executive Producer on 200+ hours of original content.

Before landing at Playboy, Mike Spierer worked in television production and at Lorne Michaels' Broadway Pictures. He also worked as a freelance writer/director and graphic designer.

Mike is passionate about creating content that is engaging and entertaining. He also has really good hair, tries not to take himself too seriously, and finds it odd speaking about himself in the third person.